Fence Agents Remediation

Generally Available

Fence Agents Remediation (FAR) is a Kubernetes operator that uses well-known agents to fence and remediate unhealthy nodes. The remediation includes rebooting the unhealthy node using a fence agent and then evicting workloads from the unhealthy node.

FAR is available in the Kubernetes community, OperatorHub.io, or it can be installed manually as mentioned in FAR documentation.


  • Robustness - FAR has direct feedback from the traditional Application Programming Interface (API) call (e.g., IPMI) about the result of the fence action without using the Kubernetes API.
  • Speed - FAR is rapid since it can reboot a node and receive an acknowledgment from the API call while other remediators might need to wait a safe time till they can expect the node to be rebooted.
  • Diversity - FAR includes several fence agents from a large known set of upstream fencing agents for bare metal servers, virtual machines, cloud platforms, etc.
  • Adjustability - FAR allows to set up different parameters for running the API call that remediates the node.

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