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Medik8s - Kubernetes Node Remediation

Medik8s is a project consists of several kubernetes operators that provide automatic node remediation and high availability for singleton workloads

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Hardware is imperfect, and software contains bugs. When node level failures such as kernel hangs or dead NICs occur, the work required from the cluster does not decrease - workloads from affected nodes need to be restarted somewhere.

However some workloads, such as RWO volumes and StatefulSets, may require at-most-one semantics. Failures affecting these kind of workloads risk data loss and/or corruption if nodes (and the workloads running on them) are assumed to be dead whenever we stop hearing from them. For this reason it is important to know that the node has reached a safe state before initiating recovery of the workload.

Unfortunately it is not always practical to require admin intervention in order to confirm the node’s true status. In order to automate the recovery of exclusive workloads, Medik8s presents a collection of projects that can be installed on any kubernetes-based cluster to automate:


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